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The 20th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition opened in Fuzhou

2018-08-03    from:CFSMA



The 20th  International Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product  Exhibition held by China Friction & Sealing Materials Association concluded  successfully on April 1, 2018 at the Strait International Convention and  Exhibition Center of Fuzhou.


The meeting lasted  for three days. At 9 a.m. on 30 March, a brief opening ceremony was held. The  president of CFSMA Wu Yimin also the vice-general manager of Zhejiang Cathy  Packing & Sealing Co., Ltd made a short speech of welcome. Mr. John Mack, manager  of Link Transportation Testing Technology (Shanghai) Co. LTD. also  delivered a warm speech.


Mr. Wang Yao  (president assistant of CBMF, vice president of CCPIT-BM, president of CFSMA),   Mr. Wu Yimin, Mr. John  Mack, Mr. Li Yansong ( vice president of Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd), Mr.  Lei Jianbin (the president of CFSMA, the chairman of Xian yang Non-metallic  Mineral R&D Institute Co., Ltd.) Mr. Gao Guanying(,senior advisor of CFSMA,  an American famous sealing materials specialist), Mr. Wang Sanquan (vice president of CFSMA  and the chairman of Huang Shi Saife Friction Material Co., Ltd.), Mr. Shi  Zhongtang (vice president of CFSMA, chairman of Zhoushan HaiShan Sealing  Materials Co., Ltd.), Mr. Zhou Huailiang(vice manager of Fujian Guanlean Automotive Parts Industry  CO.,LTD) cut the ribbon for the opening  ceremony.

Mr. Shang Xingchun,  secretary-general of the China friction & Sealing Materials Association,  presided over the opening ceremony. Due to incomplete statistics, the total  number of visitors is over 3,000.


CFSMA International  Friction & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition has  been hold for 19 years, with the help of colleagues at home and abroad developed  stably and in a certain scale. The exhibition is approved by the ministry of  commerce and the exhibition area is 8000 square meters. A total of 197 domestic  and foreign famous enterprises participated in the exhibition. Among them, there  are 23 booths are foreign and foreign enterprises, and 31 are the special  booths.


The meeting was  forced to take place two weeks earlier because of a recent digital China  conference. This has brought great inconvenience to the exhibitors and experts.  Mr. Wu yimin, on behalf of the organizer, expressed deep regret. And these days  are Easter Sunday; many foreign and foreign experts can't come to the meeting,  which is a shortcoming of the exhibition.


Despite the urgent  of preparation time of the exhibition, there are still many companies actively  participate in the meeting, which is not only the need for the development of  the enterprise itself, but also the concrete action to support the China  Friction &Sealing Materials Association. In particular, some enterprises  unselfishly put out real money to give sponsorship. Many Chinese and foreign new  and old experts, take their own painstaking research results, t out to share  with everybody. Withal Wu Yimin On behalf of the organizer, expressed heartfelt  thanks and high respect!


In the spacious and  bright exhibition area, the latest technology of brake pads, seals and all kinds  of raw materials and production equipment are on display. Among the exhibitors,  there are a number of key enterprises, and a number of new high-tech  enterprises. New technology, new equipment and new materials are still the  highlights of the exhibition; it shows the development and progress of the  industry.


At the technology  exchange seminar, 32 experts from china and abroad gave speeches about  integration of friction and sealing materials industry, The management mode of  modern enterprise, The application of solar energy in enterprises, related  standard of friction sealing material and its latest technology and products,  latest production testing equipment, the latest raw material and so on. The  experts show the experience and experimental data through many years of  research, which greatly enlightens the technical staff of the conference.  

During the  exhibition Seven sessions of three member congresses of CFSMA has been hold, and  the manager of LinYi Jinchen Auto Parts Co., Ltd Yan Shuling, the manager of  Jinjiang Kaiyan New Material Technology Co. LTD. Wang Huanan, the manager of  Yancheng Xiangsheng Carbon Fiber Technology Co. LTD. Hu Lijie were appointed as  the new director of CFSMA.


Every morning  during the three exhibition days the manager of Qingyuan Bore Fiber co. LTD. Wen  Yi teaches exhibitors the skills and essentials of tai chi walking and tai chi  running, try his best to do something good for the exhibitors` healthy  .


The 20th International Friction  & Sealing Material Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition is sponsored  and supported by the following companies: Link Transportation Testing Technology  (Shanghai) Co. LTD.Shandong Gold Phoenix  Co., LtdFujian Guanlean  Automotive Parts Industry CO., LTDZhengzhou ZhongBang  SuperHard Tools Co., Ltd, Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd. Taiwan First  Brakes Technology Co., Ltd.. The host committee expressed their heartfelt thanks  to them for their warm support.


According to the  eight requirements of the party central committee, Leaders and the news media  were not invited to the meeting. The organizers are doing everything they can to  provide services. The delegates have learned more knowledge, made more friends  and found more business opportunities through this  conference


The three-day  meeting was over, we all have boundless feeling, and make an agreement to meet  at the 21th CFSMA International Friction & Sealing Material Technology  Exchange and Product Exhibition next year.


Opening Ceremony  Photos: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4c7eaa7d0102xs21.html

Exhibition Photos:  http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4c7eaa7d0102xs2b.html

Technology Seminar  Presenter Photos: